The top fashion trends in 2024

Nowadays, fashion trends can seem like somewhat of a whirlwind. It can feel hard to keep up with all the latest trends, aesthetics, and styles.

Worry not, we’ve got the core trends for this year covered.

It’s important to remember that you don’t always need to buy new to keep up with the trends. It can be fun to search your wardrobe to see how you can reimagine the pieces you already wear.

But if you do decide to pick up something new you that love, don’t forget to review it on Desyr. When you write clothing reviews on Desyr, you get rewarded with discounts and prizes! Plus it helps others to know which clothes will work for them, and keeps fashion items out of landfill.

Ready to dive into this year’s latest clothing trends? Let’s do it.

Fashion trends and colours for 2024


The biggest trend of the year so far has been mobwife aesthetic. You can thank Hailey Bieber as a big driver of this trend, sporting a black, long fur coat, sunglasses, and slicked back hair.

We’re all on board for this trend, which sees us wearing huge fur coats, clashing animal prints—favouring leopard and cheetah prints—and plenty of jewellery.

Our inspo: @amara_swaby-coore_5367677393301622

Here, Amara is giving peak mobwife with her sunnies indoors, heels, jewellery and on-point ‘fit. All she’s missing is the big fur coat!

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Following on from the huge success of the Barbie film in the summer of 2023, the girlies have been embracing their femininity. This trend, also sometimes referred to as hyperfeminine, isn’t going anywhere, with women embracing the power and divinity of girlhood and womanhood.

Think lots of bows, ribbons, and pink. While a lot of us did tire of that bright Barbie pink from last year, we’re now seeing a lot more of ‘millennial pink’ a softer, lighter pink.

Our Inspo: @Hanhiyaaa

@Hanyiaaa perfectly embodies the girlcore trend in one of her recent reviews on Desyr! She reviewed the snag thigh high socks which has the millennial pink, girly bows, and feminine essense!

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Grandpa core

There have been a lot of various grandparent-inspired styles lately, from coastal grandma, to eclectic grandpa and many more. We’re going to boil it all down into grandpa core. If you can imagine a grandpa wearing it, it’s grandpa style!

Think retro streetwear, baggy knit cardigans, patterned jumpers, and sweater vests on top, or slouchy jeans, corduroy trousers, or smarter trousers on the bottom. sounds pretty warm and comfy right? Thanks grandpa.

Our inspo: @ninaevangeli

@ninaevangeli was giving grandpa core in her sweater vest and patchwork jeans. This outfit was a review for the patchwork jeans from Jaded London.

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Quiet Luxury

The quiet luxury style is a timeless one. It never really goes anywhere, but it’s definitely been having its moment again lately. It’s all about wearing good quality clothes and outfits that look and feel expensive, but don’t necessarily have to be. Quiet luxury is an effortless style often built from a capsule wardrobe, with fewer pieces that can be mixed and matched to create endless outfit options.

Think long trench coats, satin midi skirts, shirts and blouses, all with neutral colours and patterns, as well as subtle logos — if any at all.

Our inspo: @khadija

@khadija ‘s outfit here exudes quiet luxury. It’s an effortless, look that takes simple pieces and neutral colours and builds them into a truly luxurious aesthetic. This review was for the black boots from Miss Diva.

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Low rise

Love it or hate it, the low rise trend is here to stay — at least for a little while longer. It’s important to remember, low rise isn’t just for one body type! Anyone can rock low rise, it’s all in the confidence.

Think low rise jeans, low rise skirts, or even dresses with lower waist lines. We’re also loving to see how people are styling belts lower on dresses to help give that illusion.

Our inspo: @amygreenleaves

Here, Amy’s showing us how she’s styled her low rise jeans. It looks great with the longer jumper, as opposed to high waist jeans with a crop top! This was a review for the Brielle 90s Jeans from Brandy Melville.

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Preppy style is making a comeback. If you want to imagine how preppy style works, think of 90s and 00s American high school fashion. Blair Waldorf is a great example, with her shirts, ties, headbands, and pleated skirts.

Think polos, shirts, mini skirts and more. If it’s cute and it looks like you’ve got your ish together, then you’re probably nailing the look.

Our inspo: @charlotte buckingham

Wearing a cardigan as a top is a quick and easy way to lean into the preppy aesthetic. Here, Charlotte’s pony tail, glasses, smart black trousers and thin belt all lend a hand to give some perfect preppy vibes. This review was for the black linen trousers from Threadbare.

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